Hello from machine


It is an honor to have you here, in our creative home if you will. This website is only the beginning of what you will see produced by Machine & Emotion. As Machine, I’ve been asking myself what my goals are so I can hold myself accountable.

Goals of blogging:

  1. Provide my voice with a platform
  2. Documentation of our evolution as a creative engine
  3. Surface like-minded individuals, organizations and brands

Overtime I’ll cover what it was like to search for a van and build out our Ford Transit Connect. My experience as a competitive swimmer for 15 years and the discipline it taught me. My thoughts behind slow fashion and why I believe #SustainableLooksGoodOnYou. Further applications for my Tangrams concept and where I plan to take it in the future. All things Shadow and Charlie. My experience with music growing up and what it’s like to learn again as an adult with Emotion as my teacher.

On the more technical side, I will dream out loud about data partnerships that would enable efficiency for all. I’ll visualize datasets and talk about the future of blockchain in our everyday lives. I’ll share my app ideas and some concepts behind how I would monetize it and provide incentives to players and non profits. I will touch on my experience navigating my career in the San Francisco Bay area, working in insurance, higher education, advertising and social platforms.

As a Co-Founder and new business owner I’ll write about my experience navigating entrepreneurship and how our vision for M&E has developed. There is an extensive road map ahead us, I am confident with time it will turn into a new form of fine art.


Our van with Charlie (left) and Shadow (right)

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